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What topics will we explore together?


We use some form of technology every day, but how much do we know about it? The world - in fact - the whole universe is continually evolving. Scientific insights applied to technology means that it changes continuously too! I try to write posts about new and exciting discoveries and inventions in the world of technology—backed by science, including AI Technology, Robots, and Space-related Technology.


One of the most important endeavours that mankind has pursued until now is to understand our own bodies and how it is affected by the environment around us. Better health, increased lifespans, and although far off, even immortality is something of which scientists have tried to unlock the secrets to. Consequently, major breakthroughs often lead to massive changes in the health industry as well.


Whether you’re new to exploring the vast scientific world or not, come, let us journey together. In this section, you get to learn about cool and weird things like the fact that it rains diamonds on Neptune, or that those fluffy clouds you see up in the sky can actually weigh up to a million pounds! As interesting as science can be, it's also equally elusive. Remember, you can never know everything there is to know.

Adam Chilcott

Curious to know who I am?

My name is Adam Chilcott, and I enjoy writing about science. My love for science bloomed late, and not in school like most people would believe! I am always excited to explore new concepts and learn things I do not know. Like someone famous said, “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it!” Science is much like that; there’s a LOT to learn—that’s why it’s exciting. I hope it’ll be a never-ending, beautiful journey, and that I get to share it with all my amazing readers.

Want to know if I think aliens exist?

Do you have a question? Many questions? Just a comment? Go ahead, write it all out and let me know your thoughts about anything and everything under the sun. I would really love to have a stimulating discussion about topics of your choice. Want to know if I think aliens exist? Well, ask me!

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